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Ambassadors Change Foundation Project


The Ambassadors Change Foundation Project is a Christian, faith-based, non-profit organization in USA with offices in Nigeria and other parts Africa. It was established to support the poverty eradication program, widows and empowerment of women, the disabled and the vulnerable children. God call us on a mission to bring hope, peace, healing and love to a world of people who are hopeless, frightened, confused, shacked, blind, destitute and aimless.


To promote social-economic development and status of vulnerable and disadvantaged women, widow, children and youth thereby restoring lost hope.


To see a society where vulnerable and disadvantaged women, youth, children and men live a positive and sustainable lives.
By setting and surpassing higher standards, we will continue to build a smarter, faster and more efficient organization that delivers excellent and appropriate care services in the right place at the right time.
  1. To help and develop the distressed, neglected, hopeless and the vulnerable people in the society.
  2. To provide basic health information and education to youth, and teenagers.
  3. To raise awareness on STD/HIV/AIDS and provide basic education and information on preventive measures.
  4. To partner and collaborates with other bodies and agencies for the purpose of promoting the general well-being of humanity.
  5. To discover, develop, empower and encourage God-given talents in our young people.
  6. To educate, sensitize and inspire our young people on good and sound moral values embedded in Christian virtues towards a better society.
  7. To help restrain child restiveness and restlessness.
  8. To promote God’s kingdom through training, equipping and sending forth Holy Ghost filled men to spread the gospel to a dying world.
Our approach is holistic, focusing on individual change among people. We deliver grassroots programs in some of the most hard to reach and under-served areas.
  • HOSPITAL VISITATION: consequent upon our compassion for the sick, hospital visitation is a very important aspect of Ambassadors foundation. The burden for caring for the sick is a time-honored practice of ambassadors foundation and an act of agape love as exemplified by Jesus’ compassionate lifestyle for the sick. Our care ministry mobilizes teams every week to visit hospital and pray for the sick as recorded in Matthew 25:36. This has also help in alleviating the fear, anxiety and despair that accompanies sickness and endeavor to replace the emotions with hope courage, peace and the ability to cope.
  •   PRISON VISITATION: The Ambassadors foundation prison ministry organizes and participates in several revival services, ministration, counseling and other related programmes in prisons. We render various forms of support to prison authorities through the provision of food, wears, toiletries, medicines etc. for inmates. Through our bible-based programs we bring restoration, hope and healing to the prisoners and their families.
  • FREE MEDICAL CARE: The Ambassadors foundation collaborates with medical experts to render free medical services to the sick who are financially incapacitated to address their health challenges.
The number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) has increased drastically globally with an estimated 143 million orphans and vulnerable children. With our strong culture of caring for the orphans and other needy members of the society, and a unique understanding of the challenges facing the orphans and the vulnerable, hence we render the following types of support/services.
  1. Identifying emergency nutrition situation and provide food support accordingly.
  2. Establish and strengthen child protection forum within the orphanage homes.
  3. Provides HIV/AIDs counseling and testing.
We seek sponsorship and collaboration from philanthropists, individuals, institutions, government agencies, religious organizations, NGOs and the corporate world for effective and efficient discharge of our programs and projects.           


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The Executive Directors of Ambassadors Change Foundation in Africa

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